Speed Design Review (Online)

If you've been noodling over your design and you're ready to get feedback from experts, it's time for a Speed Design Review! Maybe you've been spending evenings and weekends designing your dream house (or treehouse or skoolie). Maybe you've continued playing with a design you started in a Yestermorrow course years ago. Or maybe you want a "deadline" to help you get your ideas pulled together. If you have questions about your roofline, your utilities, the use of space, your staircase, your siding options, or any variety of other topics, a speed design review will help move you forward. You'll have 55 minutes with two Yestermorrow instructors (typically a designer and a builder) who will help you move past the stuck points. Plan to share your sketches and models so you can gain insights on your design concepts and new ideas to move your design forward.

Once you've registered we'll share options for sign up times for your 1-hour Speed Design Review.



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