Natural Paints and Finishes

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Finishing walls with natural, nontoxic products imparts a number of benefits to a building, whether you are working on a plastered strawbale wall, or interior gypsum wall board. The ingredients are simple and safe, the process is creative and fun, and the possibilities are endless! In this course, we will look at the art, science and practice of making your own paints, washes, and other finishes with clay, lime, casein, wheat paste, mica, sand, pigments, oils and other natural materials. Students will be introduced to a variety of materials and their working properties, as well as gain a solid understanding of the basics of where and how to apply these products to different wall systems. This class will be mostly hands-on, with discussion ongoing throughout the course.


Woodworking and Craft


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  • Sterling College: 1 Continuing Education Unit ($130 additional)

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