Less is More: Designing the Small or Tiny House

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Join us as we explore different ways of living small! Less is More offers ideas and design strategies that will help you to envision and design an enriching small “home,” whether it be a yurt, trailer, shipping container, cottage, tiny house, or beyond. We’ll tour noteworthy local houses, and investigate examples from across the globe of different cultural and vernacular small spaces, sparking a dialogue and imaginative process. In the design studio, we’ll concentrate on actual or conceptual projects for micro-dwellings. Students leaving this course will take home floor plans, elevations, and models, as well as the skills necessary to continue work on their own small homes. Bring your curiosity, enthusiasm, and projects!

Course start time: Sunday, 7pm
Course end time: Friday, 5pm


Instructor Lina Menard, has blogged about her experiences as both a student and teacher at Yestermororw. You can read more on the Niche Design Build website.  


Sustainable Design Build


All levels


  • Sterling College: 2 Continuing Education Units ($260 additional)
  • American Institute of Architects (AIA): 35 Learning Units

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