Intro to Coppersmithing

In this weekend workshop students will learn how to form an 8" copper disc into a bowl by heating and hammering copper sheet. Using an oxygen/acetylene torch to anneal or soften metal, malleable copper will be formed into a carved out tree stump with a ballpeen hammer. Working in a spiraling pattern from the outside edge to the center, students will gradually sink the copper disc into a bowl shape.The process of torching and hammering will continue until the bowl is complete. Students will learn basic metalsmithing techniques by heating, bending, shaping, soldering copper wire and/or copper beads. Learning how to make copper beads of all sizes and play with copper wire of different gauges, students will create unique decorative elements that will be soldered into place.The use of color will be explored with heat and patinas. Finishing techniques will include: planishing; (smoothing out bumps), sawing, filing, soldering, sanding, polishing, adding color with heat and/or patinas, adding decorative elements.


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