How to Site Buildings (Online)

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In this course students will experiment with the fundamental tool of landscape architecture; designing in plan with trace paper. We will cover the basic methods of drawing in lineweights, layering with trace paper, and scaling drawings based on field measurements.

The inexpensive nature of trace paper liberates students from attachment to ideas, clearing the mind of initial or reflexive ideas through drawing & documentation. The translucent quality of trace paper allows students to overlay and modify their previous sketch, adding information as the drawing accumulates layers, embodied fully on the topmost page. 

Class will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays, 6pm-8pm from July 27-August 19 via Zoom.

Please note that all students must have a webcam mounted directly above their drawing surface for this course. The camera will allow the instructor and classmates to share drawing progress and ideas during the course meetings hands-free.

Students will also need 

  • your favorite pen (if no favorite, Pilot Precise Rolling Ball)
  • Micron pens
  • .35 mm
  • .45 mm
  • .5 mm
  • .8 mm
  • 10" trace paper (in a roll)
  • engineering scale


BYO Site: Students may use an existing or proposed project site for the course exercises instead of the provided site, so long as they possess a scaled survey including topography.



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