Designer/Maker Bootcamp

 As a primarily skills-based course, the Design/Maker Boot Camp will provide an intensive immersion into the use of the wood shop as a vital part of the design/build workflow, and as a primary laboratory for prototyping and inventing new ideas. Over the course of two weeks, participants will be challenged to design and build a utilitarian object of their choosing. Whether you are an architecture student looking to gain critical skills, a builder looking to expand your understanding of the shop as a design resource, or if you would simply like to learn more about how to develop and build one of your own design ideas, this course is designed to provide you with resources, information, time, and seasoned feedback to strengthen your maker skills regardless of your experience or proficiency in the shop. Shop training and tutoring in the conventions of sketching will be provided as needed.


New Course, Whole Structure Design/Build


All levels

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