Design for Deconstruction and Reconstruction

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This course will take students through the processes of harvesting building materials from existing structures, design to incorporate these materials into new constructions that are adaptable and deconstructable, and finally building one or more small scale structures using reclaimed materials. Outcomes include knowledge of safe and best practice for salvaging materials for reuse, learning about and developing solutions to the challenges of integrating reclaimed components into the design of small scale structures, and understanding and hands-on practice of principles of design for adaptability and deconstruction. Learning to salvage materials and designing with reclaimed materials in ways that allow building and materials reuse is the basis for a practice of lifecycle design. The course will include lectures, discussions, design, and hands-on deconstruction and construction. Lectures and discussions will precede each phase of the overall cycle from reclaiming materials to construction.  There will be several key parameters such as maximum use of reclaimed materials, and flexibility of use and design for deconstruction of the project.


Whole Structure Design/Build


All levels


  • Sterling College: 2 Continuing Education Units ($260 additional)

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