Deconstruction Project Management Training

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As landfilling fees rise and building owners become increasingly interested in sustainable building, there has been a steady move away from wasteful demolition practices that reduce materials to rubble and towards dismantling and deconstruction techniques that preserve those same materials for a second installation.  This class is a unique opportunity for existing builders, remodelers, architects, and even demolition contractors to get hands-on experience with a seasoned deconstruction professional.

This training was specially developed by the Building Materials Reuse Association to provide existing professionals in the building trades the skills and information needed for jumpstarting or expanding their deconstruction services.  For students who already have some deconstruction experience, this is a great opportunity to work closely with a master trainer to improve your salvage efficiency, learn new techniques, and take your projects to the next level.  A key element of the week will be asking students to plan for and lead portions of the deconstruction work under the supervision of a Master Trainer.  This is a unique opportunity to trial run your project management methods and improve your leadership skills.

Tuition for all attendees includes a year of membership with the BMRA, as well as the onsite skills assessment towards earning the complete Designated Deconstructor Credential, the only nationwide, peer reviewed certification in the deconstruction industry.


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