Cohousing & Beyond: Broader Visions for Community Living (Online)

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Community is resilience against...

  • economic hardship (sharing economy & economies of scale)
  • violence and property crimes (safety)
  • social isolation (keeping elders independent and youth engaged)
  • climate change (sharing resources & space)

Communal living however has been systematically disassembled to solidify a culture of commerce and individuality. Intentional communities aim to counter this narrative, creating opportunities to ease living and encourage independence through interdependence. Cohousing, our most prolific community housing model, has been in the US for thirty years.  With 165 active cohousing communities there are roughly 8000 people living this way.  While impressive, this is less than 1% of 1% of the national population.  

From its origins, Cohousing has been a grassroots movement aimed at solving societal issues one neighborhood at a time. Many brilliant individuals and activists, have come together to build the movement, encouraging collective developments one property at a time. While successful at a micro scale, the global impact of these efforts has been limited. Through this course we will aim to think outside the bounds of a single neighborhood, to re-frame this discussion towards simplified and diverse pathways to scale and mainstream community-oriented housing.



AIA Credit Courses, Land and Community Planning, New Course, Online


All levels


  • Sterling College: 1 Continuing Education Unit ($130 additional)

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