Chair Making

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Design and build a well-crafted chair; the epitome of the woodworker's craft. Choose from one of four solid chair designs: A Side Chair, A Desk Chair, A Rocking Chair, or an Easy Chair; working alongside a master craftsman, you will learn the process of building a chair from scratch. You’ll become well-versed in chair joinery techniques, especially mortise and tenon, and a variety of seat-making methods including slatted, woven, sculpted, and upholstered. You can build your chair "as is" or you can modify the design to suit your personal aesthetic.

Course Start Time: Sunday, 7pm

Course End Time: Saturday, 5pm


Architectural Crafts, New Course, Woodworking and Furnituremaking


Beginner, Intermediate


  • Sterling College: 2 Continuing Education Units ($260 additional)

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