Build an Earthen Oven

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Mud, earth, clay, soil – an awesome and versatile building material which can act as a thermal battery, holding heat. People have used this technology for thousands of years to bake bread and other staples. Today wood-fired earthen ovens are seen as an appropriate technology in an increasingly over-complicated world. They restore simplicity to the connection between toil and nourishment, hand and mouth. Come learn how an oven works, how to build it, and modify it for your needs. Building with mud is fun for everyone from young to old; from experienced builders to someone who has never built by hand before. So join us and get ready to get your hands dirty!


"I had no idea when I finished a 2-day class that I would learn so much and feel so prepared to do my own project. It was amazing that we succeeded in finishing an oven. This class was so good, that if all the other classes at this school are at this caliber, I will be back! I will recommend this class to all the bread bakers I know. So worth it. Thank you."

"I had Kikos book for 2 years but was a bit timid about starting. this interaction (cobbed) cemented it all in place in my head. Thanks."



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