Bare Chair Bluff

An experiential, interactive “makers” vacation led by ShackletonThomas​ in partnership with Yestermorrow Design/Build School hosted at Design/Build Bluff

Join Master Craftsman Charles Shackleton on a remote learning retreat in the panoramic and rustic setting of Bluff, Utah. Bluff is nestled between dramatic sandstone bluffs and the San Juan River on the Trail of the Ancients Scenic Byway in southeastern Utah.  Charlie and his team of talented instructors will guide you through a hands-on course to design and build a custom chair. From the moment you meet our shuttle in Salt Lake City, you will be treated to a rich experience by a group of kind, interesting and interactive instructors who love to communicate, educate and learn. The entire team has many skills to impart, especially in the art of making furniture. From this immersive retreat, you will come away with a souvenir, (the chair made by you), of your incredible time in Bluff, Utah. All you will need to do is sit on it and you will be transported back to your wonderful adventure!

In addition to the immersive learning opportunities in the woodshop, guests will also experience all that there is to offer locally in this historic area of Utah including: 

The famous Monument Valley
Native American history 
Local geology and archeology
Major National Parks including Bears Ear
Watercolor for beginners by renowned potter and decorator Miranda Thomas
Hiking, Biking, canoeing and culinary delights provided locally and by our team

The fee is $6000 each and includes all food, accommodations, transport to and from Salt Lake City Airport. Accommodations are provided at La Posada Pintada.


New Course, Woodworking and Craft


All levels