Hold Harmless Agreement

All students must fill out an Emergency Contact Form and Hold Harmless Agreement prior to the course start.


I understand that the staff, instructors and all the rest of the people at Yestermorrow Design/Build School  are committed to working diligently to bring me the highest level of curriculum, instruction, facilities and overall educational experience, but that these classes and other activities may have inherent and unavoidable risks because of the necessary use of materials, tools or machinery, travel, and work in a shop or on a jobsite. Mishaps or accidents in these activities may cause serious consequences, including damage to personal property, bodily injury, and/or death and I am aware that my participation requires me to use caution, common sense and have an appropriate level of experience. I acknowledge that I am assuming full responsibility for all risks in order to participate in these activities, that I have the requisite degree of health, fitness and experience to participate in the activity, and will follow all Yestermorrow instruction and safety precautions. I have been provided a copy of the rules and safety policies of Yestermorrow; I have read  these policies, understand their importance to a safe and healthy educational experience for all, and agree to follow them.

In the unlikely and unfortunate event that I suffer any injury as a result of my participation in these activities,  I agree to waive and release, indemnify, hold harmless and discharge Yestermorrow, Inc. dba Yestermorrow Design/Build School and its agents, employees, officers, directors, affiliates, successors and assigns (all collectively referred to as “Yestermorrow”), from any and all right to claims, expenses, lawsuits, damages and liabilities, of every kind and nature, that I may have or become entitled to, arising from or in any way related to my participation in activities conducted by, on the premises of, or as part of my course work at Yestermorrow (excluding only Yestermorrow’s gross negligence or intentional misconduct). This waiver shall apply to my participation in any activity at or affiliated with Yestermorrow, now or in the future, including classroom, studio, wood shop, construction site, use of materials, tools and equipment, breaks between classes, field trips, travel, lectures, community events, use the school's facilities, and other related activities on and off the premises. I also take full responsibility for my physical well-being, and for any medical care I might require during or as a result of these activities, have accurately completed the “Health/Emergency Information” form, and will seek payment for any medical treatment necessary as a result of these activities from my own medical insurance which I will have in force during my participation.

I have read, understood and freely agreed to the terms of this agreement and the waiver of future rights I may have against Yestermorrow; these terms shall be binding on me, my legal representatives, heirs and assigns and will continue in full force and effect even after the termination of the activities conducted by, on the premises of, or for the benefit of Yestermorrow. I further agree to indemnify Yestermorrow for any loss  or expense incurred from my breach of this agreement, including reasonable legal fees and costs of litigation. I acknowledge that I am at least 18 years of age and competent to enter into this agreement, or that a parent or legal representative is also signing on my behalf.

To acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Yestermorrow Hold Harmless Agreement, please click here.