Enter to Win a Handmade Canoe and Support Yestermorrow!

We believe that sustainable design is essential to fighting climate change and re-inspiring what is possible in a sustainable future. Students at Yestermorrow - whether they are DIYers, changemakers, or professionals -  learn to become master crafters: people who integrate the design and build process to create more holistic, human-centered places.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go to our scholarship fund. The scholarship fund is available for students who cannot afford full tuition and would like to use a Yestermorrow education to advance their career or improve their communities. A donation to Yestermorrow's Scholarship Fund will empower more students to advance their careers, improve their neighborhoods, and advance the sustainable design revolution. 

At Yestermorrow, we are the forefront of a design revolution to create a sustainable, more just world. 


Thank you for your support! Tickets are available to purchase for $15 each or 5 tickets for $60 until May 31, 2017!




After ticket sales are closed, Yestermorrow will randomly select winners for 1 of 4 raffle items.

Please contact Chrissy@yestermorrow.org with questions.

Prize #1: The Flax Canoe

The Design/Builder, Hilary Russell, skinned this boat with flax grown at Flaxland in Cotswolds, England.  The flax, which is the strongest natural fiber, is especially woven in a rip-stop pattern for skinning small boats. With the emergence of nylon and polyester, Flax went out of commercial production in England and the USA.  It is now beginning a resurgence. This boat was recently featured in Wooden Boat Magazine.


Length — 10' 8"

Width — 28"

Depth — 10 1/2"

Weight — 24 lbs.Capacity — 250 lbs.


Gunwales and stem/knees—northern white cedar

Keel stringer — white oak

Stringers — pine

Trim — cherry

Please note: the winner of the canoe must be able to pick up the boat at Yestermorrow.

Prize #2: A Yestermorrow Drafting Kit

The Yestermorrow drafting includes 2mm hb lead, lead holder, lead pointer, eraser, eraser shield, 12 in architect scale, 8 in adjustable triangle, 12 in x 50 ft trace paper and a dust brush. All these materials are corralled in an awesome Yestermorrow tote bag. 

Prize #3: Yestermorrow Baseball or Trucker Hat

A Yestermorrow baseball cap or trucker hat in your choice of available colors.

Prize #4: Yestermorrow T-shirt 

A 100% organic cotton t-shirt in your choice of available colors and sizes.