Using reclaimed or salvaged materials speaks to both the ecological and creative realms. By re-using materials, we are fostering a sustainable design/build ethic. At the same time, our creative inclinations are challenged and new opportunities arise when we are restricted by the materials at hand. In this class students will create a small-scale furniture piece constructed with reclaimed, salvaged, and/or found materials. Students will explore the design process in full, gathering inspiration from the available materials, while contemplating unique or unusual uses they might offer. The class will then move into build mode, four-squaring and milling boards, learning joinery and fastening techniques, and exploring the potential tactile relationships between apparently disparate objects. Students are encouraged to bring their own project ideas and materials to class.  

Course start time: Sunday, 5pm
Course end time: Saturday, 5pm


  • Competency Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Start Date: July 26, 2015