Lighting fixtures can make a significant architectural statement, but most store-bought options are either prosaic or expensive. Why not make an extraordinary and beautiful wood lighting fixture with your own two hands? We'll cover every kind of fixture imaginable—floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling and wall fixtures, hanging lamps, and more. Along the way we'll explore a variety of relevant woodworking techniques, including wood turning, making moldings, laminating bentwood, and cutting compound miters. We’ll make a trip to our local home center to see what hardware they have that can be incorporated into our designs. We'll even tackle making our own wooden and mica lamp shades, as well as finishing, and hooking up the electrics. You'll go home with your own fixture, and a definite sense of enlightenment.

Course start time: Sunday, 5pm
Course end time: Friday, 5pm


  • Competency Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Course Objectives:

By the end of this class students will have designed and built at least one lamp of their own design.

Recommended Readings:

Crafting Wooden Lamps by Ken Burton

Cutting Edge Table Saw Tricks by Ken Burton

Woodworking with the Router by Bill Hylton

Woodworking: the Right Technique by Bob Moran


Tools/Materials to Bring

Safety goggles and hearing protection.

Comfortable, closed-toe shoes.

Tape Measure

Cordless drill (if available),

Adjustable square,

Block plane (if available)

Other basic, small hand tools (card scraper, chisels, bevel gauge, etc)


Draft Schedule/Outline:

This workshop includes tons and tons of great material about lamps, design, and general woodworking. The basic schedule is this:

Show Up

Work like mad all week long

Laugh a little

Go home tired, but happy with a new arsenal of skills and a great new lamp or two


Class Schedule:


Day One

Intro to the Shop

Overview of lamps and design considerations—slide presentation

Sketching and planning

Materials acquisition?


Day Two

Materials prep

Making moldings

Making Bending Forms

Cutting laminations

Bending Wood


Day Three

Making Wooden Shades


Cleaning up Bends


Day Four

Wrapping Up joinery Etc



Day Five


Pack Up

Class Evaluations


I conduct all my classes in an informal, but structured manner. Please feel free to ask plenty of questions as we go—I tend to do better when there is a dialog going on, rather than me just standing up front yakking away. Expect some really bad jokes, a lot of laughter, and plenty of time to work. Don’t be hesitant about taking your turn when it comes time to cut something. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to ask for help when there is something you don’t understand or if there is a procedure you’re nervous about.