Building on a foundation of basic carpentry skills, students will learn advanced skills such as blueprint reading, rafter and stair layout, and estimating and planning for a project. By introducing such tools as the router and biscuit joiner, we will explore finish carpentry techniques such as building and hanging doors and windows and installing crown moulding. Expand your knowledge and skills and learn more tricks of the trade in this hands-on workshop.

Course start time: Sunday, 5pm
Course end time: Friday, 5pm


  • Competency Level: Intermediate
  • AIA credits: 35 HSW Learning Units

Course Objectives

  • To expand on existing knowledge of carpentry
  • To become more familiar with power, shop, and hand tools
  • To take a closer look at finish carpentry techniques
  • To look at some of the math used in construction

Suggested Reading

Willis H. Wagner. Modern Carpentry
Rob Thallon. Graphic Guide to Frame Construction Details for Builders and Designers
Rob Thallon. Graphic Guide to Interior Details for Builders and Designers

Materials to Bring

  • Work clothes-ones that you don't mind getting dirty
  • Work gloves
  • Sturdy, closed toed shoes/boots
  • Rain gear
  • Personal safety items-ear and eye protection, dust mask. If you have long hair, something to hold it back.
  • Notebook and something to write with
  • Sunscreen, bug dope
  • Photos or project plans that you will be or want to be building now or in the future

Course Outline

Monday AM

  • Goals
  • From tree to board; the milling process
  • Get intimate with the table saw. Learn how to cut dados, rabbets, and grooves.

Monday PM

  • Field trip to a mill in Bristol

Tuesday AM

  • Shaping wood-use of chisels, planes, routers, band saw, etc.
  • How to sharpen your tools

Tuesday PM

  • Joinery with a biscuit joiner and other joinery techniques

Wednesday AM

  • Reading blueprints, computing joist sizes and loads, laying-out stairs and rafters

Wednesday PM

  • Laying-out a building-what is involved; batter boards and transit level

Thursday AM

  • Finish carpentry techniques; Doors and windows, Types of insulation

Thursday PM

  • Finish carpentry techniques cont.; ceilings and walls, trim

Friday AM

  • Estimating and planning for a project, more math, scribing, crown molding

Friday PM

  • Locksets, tool maintenance, evaluations, Graduation Party!!!!

As this class is driven by the goals and desires of the students, the above schedule may change. Weather, energy levels, and acts of the Goddess may also have an impact on swaying the schedule. We may also be working on a project at the school and can incorporate some of the skills that are learned into seeing the project come to fruition.