Develop your ability to clearly communicate your ideas with sketches and drawings in this short workshop. Learn some ‘tricks of the trade' to create more sophisticated renderings and practice techniques such as adding shadow, creating depth, and drawing in perspective to create a level of sophistication that will add to your graphic presentations. Some prior drawing experience is preferred, but not essential.  Bring a sketchbook.

Course start time: Friday, 7pm
Course end time: Sunday, 5pm


"Really appreciated the instructors’ willingness to share perspective from their personal professional experience."

  • Competency Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • AIA credits: 14 Learning Units

Architectural Freehand Drawing


Drawing is not only artistic expression, but also a practical and useful tool for formulating and working through design problems. By learning to see, imagine, and represent images, students will develop the skills to communicate their ideas clearly and accurately through drawing.

Materials Required:
    - Sketchbook - medium size
    - Graphite Pencils – 2H, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B, 8B (Staedtler makes a good kit)
    - White Plastic Eraser
    - Pencil Sharpener (something you can fit In your pocket)

    - Basic Set of Oil Pastels


Introductory evening session

- Introductions

- Keeping a Sketchbook

- An explanation of Contour Drawing

- Line and Shape Drawing Exercises

- Still-life Exercise


First Morning

- Make ViewFinders

- Discuss Form and Structure - Blocking out Images and then adding detail

- Form and Structure Exercises

- Discuss Sighting, Organizing Shapes

- Discuss Tone and Texture, technique for adding value, conveying light, shade, shadow, highlighting with color

- Shade and Shadows, Colors Exercises

- Building a Drawing - establish composition and structure - using View Finders on the still life

- Layer tonal values and textures

- Add significant details

First Afternoon

- Perspective Drawing

- Setting up a perspective drawing with one point and two point views/focal points

- Highlighting elements

- Suggestive context

- Applying tonal value, texture, shade, and shadow

- Perspective Perspective Perspectives!!!

- Draw outside (if possible) or pick a vignette or view around the interior of campus

- Pin-Up and Review of today’s exercises

Second Morning - Field Trip Day

- Students take a trip to Sugarbush Ski Lodge for Field Sketching

Second Afternoon

- Students visit The Pitcher Inn for Field Sketching

- Pin-Up and Review of Field Sketches




Start Date: July 15, 2016
Duration: 2 Days
Tuition: $350