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Course Name Start Date Duration Instructor(s)
Solar Design
8/13/2016 2 Days Hilton Dier III John Ringel
Super Insulation for Zero-Energy Buildings
7/30/2016 2 Days Bill Hulstrunk John B. Unger Murphy
Solar Hot Water Design and Installation
6/25/2016 2 Days Bob O'Hara
Solar Electric Design and Installation
6/19/2016 5 Days Bob O'Hara Ken Oldrid
Residential Renewable Energy Design
6/12/2016 5 Days Larry Reeger
Greenhouse Design
4/30/2016 2 Days Chris Chaisson
Energy Modeling in eQuest (Online Course)
3/14/2016 8 Weeks Chris Schaffner
Zero Net Energy Homes (Online Course)
3/14/2016 10 Weeks Marc Rosenbaum
Certificate in Building Science and Net Zero Design
2/7/2016 20 Days Laura Cavin Bailey Bill Hulstrunk Bill Maclay Megan Nedzinski Jacob Deva Racusin Larry Reeger John B. Unger Murphy Peter Yost
Passive House Consultants Training Program
1/9/2016 8 Days Katrin Klingenberg
Passive House in the Real World - Online
9/14/2015 4 Weeks Mike Duclos
Deep Energy Retrofits - Online
9/14/2015 10 Weeks Marc Rosenbaum
Building Energy Analytics: Measuring and Understanding Building Energy Use - Online
9/14/2015 6 Weeks Andy Shapiro
Compost Powered Hot Water: Combustion-Free Energy
9/12/2015 2 Days Gaelan Brown
The Stack Effect: Natural Heating, Cooling and Ventilation
2/22/2015 5 Days
Green Rehabilitation and Deep Energy Retrofits
2/21/2015 2 Days Peter Yost
Fundamentals of Building Science
2/15/2015 5 Days Jacob Deva Racusin
Building Science Concentration
2/15/2015 19 Days Bill Hulstrunk Jacob Deva Racusin Larry Reeger John B. Unger Murphy Peter Yost
Living Home: Living Building Challenge
2/14/2015 2 Days