Lead Designer/Builder & Passion Kindler

Nirvana Upfitters WANTS: Awesome people who can design & build things and kindle the passions of all people, for life!

The Vanlife movement is undergoing a renaissance as it unifies the worlds of outdoors-minded travelers who yearn to experience the natural landscape in a more intimate way. These folks include the many hiking, biking, kayaking, climbing, fishing, surfing and camping enthusiasts – beginners and the more advanced; those that embrace a more environmentally friendly, minimalist approach to life; and the veteran RV and car camping road warriors who continue to redefine and extend the great American road trip. Through personally designed and upfitted vans, 20-, 30- and 40- somethings with and without families, empty nesters, and retiree couples are taking to the roads, mountains, seashores, national parks, and even cities with a desire to take their lives to a new level of excitement and experience. Through vanlife, more people are living their dreams. Nirvana Upfitters is working to catalyze and facilitate the realization of the dreams of people of all ages and walks of life.

Nirvana Upfitters was founded in 2018 by Yestermorrow alum Jude Connelly to design and upfit vans in which to travel, work and live. Nirvana aims to kindle the passions of its customers. Nirvana is differentiated by its attention to precision engineering and aesthetic design. As Jude says: "We want you to have a high functioning adventure vessel (i.e., a van) that takes you where you want to go while pleasing your senses, igniting your imagination and sparking your passion for life."

If you want to come aboard and help make the world a better place by working at Nirvana Upfitters, tell us what you do and how you can help by sending an email to: [email protected]

Currently, we have positions open for unique people who fit our needs and culture. For specific job descriptions go to: