Designer and Builder of small sleeping shelters, could grow into something more.

Looking for someone to help with design and someone to help with building a few small sleeping shelters, at our Meditation and Yoga Retreat Center in Barnet, VT. If you could do the designing or the building that would be helpful - both would be great too. I'd like someone to take the lead but involve me in the process.

We could pay for your time or provide a rustic place for you to stay for a few months in exchange for designing and building, or some combination of the two. If you wanted to stay longer, this could be a good place to practice your new creative building skills. We have more ideas and proposals you could consider. We have a rustic renovated mobile home to stay in with running water and hot water, a regular gas cookstove, and a woodstove. No electricity though, but you could use our generator for building.

Let me know if you are interested and we could talk about how to make this work.
You could also build and deliver your product to us.

Please email me back and I can discuss our retreat center and who we are a little more, too.