Compass Project Program Instructor

Engine seeks a Program Instructor to implement its Compass Project program. The Compass Project is a boat building program for youth and young adults. The ideal candidate will provide structure and support to youth through hands-on and project-based experiential educational opportunities. Experience in a formal or informal education environment, experience in woodworking/boatbuilding, and knowledge of the boatbuilding and maker community as well as an aptitude for youth engagement is strongly preferred.

The position reports currently to Engine’s Executive Director but may, in the future, report to a Program Director.

The position will require 12-20 hours per week. Compensation is $20/hour. There are currently no
employment benefits with the exception of being able to use the shop off-hours for personal projects. For the right candidate, opportunity to move to full-time by developing new and expanding existing programming.

Specific duties and responsibilities include:
● Coordinating and implementing youth programs for the Compass Project, including semester-long classes at high school and college level, year-long school-based collaborations, and camp
● Managing boat sales, and boat donations.
● Working with a diverse demographic of alternative learners, including at-risk youth.
● Coordinating, training, and managing volunteers.
● Managing the program budget.
● Managing curriculum.
● File management of Google Drive.
● Maintaining equipment and cleaning the workshop.
● Purchasing necessary supplies required for coursework.
● Promoting the Compass Project and Maine FabLab to the community at large.

Additional duties desired but not required:
● Participating in fundraising and development.
● Spearheading marketing and promotion for the program and facilities.

Required skills and knowledge:
● Knowledge of woodworking.
● Knowledge of boat construction and boat design.
● Candidates must possess strong organizational, communication and supervisory skills and the
ability to relate well to students, staff, parents and volunteers.
● This position requires flexibility, organization, creativity, and an interest in making.
● Candidates must have the ability to manage multiple projects/programs at the same time.