Spring Speaker Series: Henry Harris + Kenya Lazuli


Wednesday, April 28, 2021 - 7:00pm




Building a Just Transition through the Climate Crisis with Henry Harris & Kenya Lazuli

Link to join: http://bit.ly/SpringSS-2021

This presentation is an introduction to the connections between regenerative/"biophilic" building practices, access to land and housing for BIPOC people, and a resilient, survivable economy through the climate crisis. Considering the dire predictions of climate and agricultural scientists, working towards comprehensive stewardship of the landscape is a necessity. We think it's also very realistic to do so through regenerative agriculture, agroforestry, and a commons engineered especially for frontline communities.

Citing research and strategy from the Climate Justice Alliance, The Indigenous Environmental Network, the Drawdown Project, and other movement leaders, we'll spell out how to plug into this work locally, and unpack how we can build a mass social movement for these regenerative economic practices to apply them at the unprecedented scale needed to be considered effective solutions.

Just Construction is building physical infrastructure to contribute to the ability of leaders of color to participate in and lead this social movement, while at the same time working on tangible, reparative resources for racial equity and youth empowerment. Frames and straw-insulated panels are built by BIPOC people at the Newframeworks shop, and erected on-site by volunteers with Just Construction who also receive training in racial equity, construction, and how to work locally for the Just Transition.