Semester in Sustainable Design/Build - Snowmen

December 3, 2018
By Madi Visser, Semester Program Teaching Assistant


-Written by Jacob


We use only natural and salvaged materials in the making of our snowmen. They each reflect the natural climate they’re built in; contracting in warm weather and hardening under cool temperatures. Our sustainable snowmen leave no trace on the land, are 100% compostable, and indeed disappear entirely at Winter’s end. Climate change is undoubtedly the most significant threat to our snowmen. We believe the construction of sustainable snowmen will help alleviate Climate Change’s most disastrous effects by drawing awareness to the joy of snow, and sadness at its premature and all-too-frequent melt. We support grassroots snowmen construction and condemn the corporate Koch-funded snowmen industries if it were to ever  exist. The Semester in Sustainable Design/Build Snowmen continues to seek sustainable solutions to the exclusive whiteness of snowmen to better reflect the diversity of our world. You’ll find a portfolio of our finest works below.

Meet Thog

Thog in natural habitat

Beautiful Sooz, adorned in all-natural, naturally decaying leaves


Hello Jang!

Little Bungleboy with his bottlecap nose, adaptively reused from a pepsi bottle to provide lil’ Bungle (for short) with a sense of smell. Look how happy they are!

Business Casual

It’s just three balls