Paul Huijing

Paul Huijing


Paul Huijing is a mechanical engineer and residential general contractor. He holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering Degrees from the Sibley School of Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University and is a Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Maryland.

Paul attended Yestermorrow’s Home Design/Build course in 1988. After working in the paper industry, he aligned his career with his interests and entered the residential construction industry in 1999.  In 2004, he founded Paul Huijing, Inc. Construction and Engineering with a goal of establishing a small personal construction company focusing on service and energy efficient construction.

Paul is a continuing education instructor for Massachusetts Construction Supervisor License holders. He teaches courses including “Building and Operating a Super-Insulated Home,” “Insulation Types, Installation Methods, and Limitations” and “Keeping Moisture Out: Flashing Details to Prevent Water Intrusion”. He has presented seminars on constructing super-insulated homes at the Journal of Light Construction conference in Providence, Rhode Island and at the Building Energy conference in Boston.

Paul is an Adjunct Professor Western New England University teaching project management course to senior civil engineering undergraduate students.

Paul recently completed his second Ironman triathlon in Mont Tremblant, Quebec.