Mickel Zuidhoek

Mickel Zuidhoek


Mickel Zuidhoek heads his contracting business Phoenix Hill Restorations. With 30 years in the restoration industry he completed his carpentry apprenticeship in New Zealand before travelling to Europe where he worked in the Netherlands for three years on projects ranging from a seven hundred year old church to a large suburban restoration project. Returning to New Zealand to set up his own business it became quickly clear that restoration of older structures were a passion, and one at which he excelled.

In 2003 he emigrated to the United States and brought his unique skill set to begin Phoenix Hill Restorations. His work has been primarily focused in the southern Vermont/eastern New York area where his work includes a large historic preservation project in upstate New York, a plaster restoration project in Vermont, several barn restorations and many old home renovation projects.

His expertise has also been sought in Rhode Island where he completed a total restoration of a 1920's duplex to bring it up to current energy efficiency standards, Washington DC where he brought both his teaching and contracting skills to help finish a historic apartment in the down town area and Maryland to undertake a full basement renovation. Phoenix Hill Restorations will consider most restoration projects on the east coast of the United States. 

Mickel now resides in the beautiful seaside town of Portland, Maine where his focus is on historic preservation and residential restoration projects.