Dave Sellers

Dave Sellers


Dave is a practicing architect in Warren, VT (Sellers and Co.), and was named as one of the 100 foremost architects in the world by Architectural Digest. He focuses on designing and building with nature, with special emphasis on custom craftsmanship.

Mr. Sellers’ body of work includes 46 years of continuous experiments and designs from architecture to industrial design, from town planning to research and teaching. His work in town and community planning has received national recognition for pedestrian and human-scaled settlement patterns.

Dave received a BS in Chemical Engineering and Industrial Administration from Yale University in 1960. In 1965 he received his Master of Architecture, also from Yale, where he was awarded the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Medal of Excellence. In 1996, Mr. Sellers designed the memorial to former Yale President and Baseball Commissioner Bart Giamatti, sited on the Yale campus.

Mr. Sellers went on to teach and served as the Director of Goddard College’s Design and Construction program, the nations first school of design-build, from 1972-1978. After his time at Goddard, Dave went on to serve as a studio head at Yale University’s Graduate School of Architecture, then on to MIT as a studio head at that school’s Graduate School of Architecture.

Over the years he has also taught at the Universities of Washington, Michigan, North Carolina, Dartmouth, Montana-Bozeman, the University of Vermont and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has been an instrumental instructor at Yestermorrow for nearly 20 years.

Dave’s many design projects include the AIA award winning Smith Lodge in Warren, Vermont; Atkins Lodge in Killington, Vermont, recipient of an AIA special recognition award; and several buildings at the Gesundheit Institute, Dr. Patch Adams’ hospital complex in West Virginia. Sellers has won three AIA awards for designs using native materials and natural systems.

In addition to his design and teaching work, Dave has been instrumental in several successful business enterprises. He co-founded Northern Power Systems, a research and manufacturing company specializing in wind turbines. He partnered with biologist John Todd to create Four Elements Corporation, a research and development company that developed the first Solar Aquatic commercial sewage treatment system. He is the co-founder of Vermont Iron Stove Co., which designed and manufactured high efficiency wood stoves. More recently, Mr. Sellers founded the Mad River Rocket Co., which makes the world’s only wilderness sled, for which there are three patents.

Dave is an active volunteer and has served on the Board of Advisors of the Windstar Foundation, as a trustee on the Vermont Council of the Arts and the Warren (VT) Town Planning Commission.