Ace McArleton

Ace McArleton


Ace McArleton founded New Frameworks Natural Building LLC (NFNB) in 2006 to offer green remodeling and new construction services that combine the best that natural building and conventional construction has to offer.  Through NFNB, Ace also offers consulting services in the field of natural building to owner-builders, professional designers and contractors.  

Ace is involved in sustainable building education through organizations including the Heartwood School for the Homebuilding Crafts, the ReVerse Foundation, and Yestermorrow.  Ace has conducted field research on moisture and thermal performance of straw bale wall systems, which is featured in the book The Natural Building Companion which he co-authored with Jacob Deva Racusin (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2012).  

Ace started out as a tile apprentice in the Union in California in 2001, and has taught and developed curriculum at the Institute of Social Ecology.  Ace is committed to making beautiful, ecological buildings that perform well, and putting these skills into the hands of those who seek them.